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Just a bit of background
I joined SMC as a sixteen year old kid in 1970 with a Duke of Edinburgh’s silver medal in my pocket and a camera over my shoulder. My first club trip was a weekend in Borrowdale stopping at the Bowderstone hut. It was winter and the hills were covered in snow and my gear was sadly lacking. George Rough (Club founder I think) & Derrick & Jane Littlewood took me under their wing and I stayed with the club up until my early twenties. I think I must have been on almost every club trip during that time. We climbed in the Alps every summer with the club and between us bagged some great mountains including the Dent Blanche and Matterhorn. Club trips in the UK were seen as training for The BIG Mountains. We were pushing our rock climbing grades too and considering the gear back then I’m surprised to be in one piece. I’m still good friends with the Littlewoods (wouldn’t you be, they live in an alpine ski resort) and between us we have a lot of slides from our SMC adventures. I’ll post a few to whet your appetite. I’m in my late fifties now and still climb and ski to a good standard for an oldun. Enjoy the pictures.

Martin Ballantine

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