Sunderland Mountaineering Club - The Events
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The SMC Events Albums

A SMC member can create an account and upload photos to an album
The history and the Event accounts are different, you'll have to create an account on both
You can use the same Name and Password though

Please upload photos of no greater size than 2000X2000px
(I'll will probably check and resize any uploaded photos)

Your probably going to have to crop and/or resize your photo, which isn't a great problem, possibly you already know how to do this.
If you dont know how then try downloading and installing this 'Photo Editor' - easy to use and even incorporates a tutorial video
(hint - try the two icons far right)

(a Landscape photo fits the gallery better so if possible crop to give Landscape)
To resize (resample) set the longest edge to 2000px - assuming your photo is larger than this.
If your not sure which album to upload to then upload to the Community album, we'll sort them later

Once uploaded you can add Name, Author, Description, tags etc. To do this enter the album you uploaded to and click the thumbnail of your photo, when the photo page appears click the crossed tools icon thats at top left, then enter the Description and info - dont forget to save
You can revisit your own photos to add or change information

The images online may be of a smaller size than the originals held by the up loader, if you would like the original contact the up loader

The idle SMC member can still email me images for me to upload